2012-2013 Season

Monday, March 14th 2013

Hi, Booster Club Executives:

Just a note of thanks to each of you for your stalwart and enthusiastic devotion to the team.

It has been a tough year in many ways with seeing so many of the young men, whom we had watch mature, traded away to other teams. That was bittersweet and I, for one, hope they know they are really still 67’s in our hearts! All the best to each of them and many thanks for letting us share the ride as far as we could.

The travel out to Kanata, for some, has meant an increase in expense that is not easily afforded. But that does not mean they have abandoned their “boys”. Many are eagerly awaiting the return to Lansdowne and the rekindling of great friendships.

The erratic schedule (i.e. week-nights that are not junior hockey nights) has also had an impact, in my opinion….. hey, but who asked for my opinion! 😀

We will tough it through another year together as we wait for our new “old home” to open. We will cheer loudly and proudly as we watch all the new guys hone their skills; and, we will remember the boys who grew to manhood sporting the red-white-and black of our OTTAWA 67’s.

Throughout all of the above and even some areas not touched upon, the Booster Club has remained loyal and, as I stated at the beginning, super supportive of the young men selected to play hockey for our beloved 67’s. You are to be commended and thanked, which I am now doing, from the bottom of my heart.

Enjoy your summer! See you next season. LET’S GO, 67’S !!!!!!

Mary R. McDowell

a.k.a. Section 6, Row J, seat 14 or

Section 106, Row L, seat 17 & 16 on the week-ends!!!!

Monday, March 4th 2013

First… a belated thank you to the Booster Club for sending out the email about the postponed friday night game a few weeks ago. It saved me a long cold drive and without your email I was planning to go.

A second special thank you to Joanne Cleary for calling me to tell me my email account had been hacked last week. Once again the Booster Club was the first off the mark and because I got there quickly I was able to minimize the damage…… in fact I got there so quickly I probably forgot to thank her… so here is my thank you.
Kudos to Joanne!

Bill Toms

Tuesday, January 15th 2013

Thank you Ottawa 67s Booster Club for the fabulous envelope of pictures and news clippings. Your time and energy is greatly appreciated. You are a very lively bunch!! Enjoyed sitting with you at the Brampton game. My sons Billet Mom,SANDY is THE BEST!!!! Thank you for ALL you do for my man child..CLINT WINDSOR.

Yours very truly, CINDY WINDSOR

Friday January 11th

Hey Joanne,

Yeah they really took a little bit out of the heart of the team and the kids they moved but I think it is something all teams go through when they are in a transition period. All I can tell you Joanne is that the work that you and the Booster Club is extremely appreciated and what you do for these young men is outstanding. The tours that you run are always energized and good fun. It was great to see you last weekend as well as your members of the Barber Pole Nation. Remy’s time in Ottawa was truly enjoyed and been made richer because of people like you. Keep up the great work and we will be up for the Feb 8th game and I love the Barber Poles and will get out to see the team, the boosters and coaches in the not so distant future.

Thank You all and may God Bless. On behalf of Remy, Tessa Nicole and I from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.



Monday January 8th

Hey my Booster Buddies. I just want to thank you all again for the wonderful things you did for Steven and ourselves. No matter where we go there will never be a group that could top what you do. You are a great bunch and you all made us feel like family and I will never forget that. PS. See you on the 20th.

Belinda Janes

Monday January 8th

Dear Joanne and Booster Club Volunteers,

Well it has been a fun and pleasant ride our 3.5 seasons in Ottawa.

Tom, Tyler and I again would like to thank you all for your time and involvement with the players.

As mentioned before ” you all made a difference” in helping Tyler adjust and feel welcomed to Ottawa.

Your generosity was appreciated.

We wish you all good health, and good luck in the future.

Pat yourselves on the back!!!!

Sincerely, Kelly, Tom and Tyler Graovac

Wednesday December 12 2012


Give my best to the Members of the club and through your leadership role the boys benefit immensely. Have a merry christmas.


Mike Giftopoulos .

December 04, 2012


no matter the standings madam, you and your crew ROCK !!!

Scott Callaghan

December 04, 2012


I opened my red envelope this morning – WOW I am on cloud nine….I got so wrapped up in all the fun last nite that I put the envelope in my purse and saw it this morning.

What a GREAT way to start my day

Thanks Thanks Thanks – and Hugs Hugs Hugs .

You guys are the Best Booster Club.

See you all at the game.

Joanne can you pass this on to all your team

Sandy Wilson