2013-2014 Season

Tuesday, March 25th 2014

Hello everyone Eric Gustavsen here, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for all the kindness and support that you have showed my son, and for everything that you do from the awards banquet to the clippings that come in the envelopes every two months and everything else you do, thanks for everything you’ve done for my family when we are there at the rink, next year brings some normality with getting back in the old arena I know the first two years that Brett was there there was a lot of great memories in that building for us, and I’m sure there’s many many years of great memories for you the booster club, I talked to many parents from other teams in the league and I’m always tell them about our booster club and what they do for kids, that’s why you guys are second to none (does anybody know what time it is ha ha)
Your friends Eric and NatalieRegards Eric …….

Saturday, March 22nd 2014

Thanks for everything you do for us,the fans, and the players.

Enjoy your long spring/summer,hopefully it will be our last one for a few years.

Dennis, Lise, Samantha and Jamie

Saturday, March 22nd 2014

Thanks to each and everyone of you folks who are so dedicated to the Booster Club.  I concur that it will be great to get “home” next season and we look forward to a better result of the season.  It has been a tough two years for these young men.

You folks have a great summer too!

Mary McDowell

Friday, March 21st 2014

Thank you for a wonderful season Booster Club Team.

Looking forward to next season and finally going back home at the “Civic Centre” aka the TD Place.

We were in North Bay for the last game and the North Bay fans asked us “why we stayed until the end of the game” and my answer to them was very simple…. “A true fan will stand behind their team no matter what.” ….and that we will be back next year.

We are talking about the 67s Booster Club and the North Bay fans were EXTREMELY jealous.  We told them that we had the BEST Booster Club in the entire OHL……and that is because of your hard dedicated work.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer and see in about 5 months.

Lynne, Derek and Izabel

Wednesday, February 23rd 2014

Good Evening,
We would truly like to thank you for the amazing package of articles which you sent to us , here in Toronto.

All the contributions the Booster Club does to make the boys feel welcome is very heartfelt to the parents.

I look forward to purchasing a jersey with Liam’s name on it as well as some window stickers for our vehicles.

Thanks again,

Cynthia and Peter

The Herbsts

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

Thanks so much!! We are sooo very excited especially for Sean!
We miss all of you too!! Thanks for everything! Sean’s time in Ottawa was amazing! We all loved it! Great people, great place and great teammates for Sean. Thanks again.

Take care – Cathy and John Monahan