A few kind words about some of the past and present players on the team:

Andrew Abou-Assaly My son’s favorite hockey moment is being selected by the Ottawa 67 and suiting up for his first OHL game in the red, black and white in his home town. This moment along with scoring his first OHL goal in November against Kingston, was a surreal moment that he will never forget. I remember him telling me how it all happened so fast. How he got the rebound off the goalies pad and from that moment everything felt like it was in slow motion as he went forehand to his backhand as he tucked it in under the goalies pad. It is one of those moments he replays all the time and will never forget.
Brendan Bell The one story that stands out to me is when Brendan was first traded to Ottawa from Barrie.When Brendan was trying out for the Ontario Under 17 team. He was hit by a big rugged defenseman and broke his arm in 2 places. When Brendan arrived in Ottawa and received his new Billet home he was introduced to his new team mates and billet brothers. One of them being Taylor Fielding the same big d-man that made that (clean) big hit on Brendan at the under 17 team.

Today Brendan would consider Taylor one of his dearest and closest friend.

That’s hockey!

Brett Gustavsen Back in 2004 Brett was selected to play on a team call the Toronto Bulldogs which was to go to Edmonton Alberta to play in the Edmonton Brick Tournament (10 year olds) which in the Hockey circles is very well known. We had a very good team and went 7 and 0 to win it all and Brett scored the game winning goal in the championship game. We stayed at the hotel in the mall and never set foot outside the mall all week as the rink was located in the centre of the mall for all shoppers to view the games and I would say we probably had maybe 1200 people lined up around the rink watching on both tiers of the mall watching the championship game, I would say it is safe to say it was a experience that Brett will never forget.
Clint Windsor AKA Clinty Boy. He joined our household and that made three. Richard Mraz returned home due to injuries. His favorite song was “Call me maybe” and we have kept I touch.And now there are two.

Clint loves to eat too but unfortunately, he doesn’t have the talent to cook but Chef Windsor can make a MEAN PIECE OF TOAST.  He loves going through grocery ads and his favorite store you ask? Bulk Barn.

Other specialties- Laundry but needs practice. Tom Dempsey can you give him some tips?

Clint here’s a tip on how to start your car—MAKE SURE IT IS IN PARK.

And finally guys – To quote Dr. Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Don’t forget to wave – Love you guys

Connor Brown Connor has so many memorable moments that it is hard to pick just one.  It should go without saying that the day he was told he was a member of the Ottawa 67’s has to be number one, but high on his list is travelling to Moscow to play in the Tretiak Cup and win the tournament. Not only was it a great hockey experience but also a real cultural eye opener. It’s something he’ll never forget.
Daniel Walsh Daniel plays a solid game at both ends of the ice.  He finishes checks, plays a good offensive game and he gives some depth up front.  Unfortunately he has only played 38 games this year because he was blindsided during a game in October. He says it’s a very different role for him here in Ottawa this year compared to last year.  He doesn’t consider himself a fighter but likes to play on the edge.
Dante Salituro Dante was the MVP at the Greater Toronto Top Prospects game in January 2012.  He was presented with the MVP award by Don Cherry and a $500 award from Scotiabank.  When Dante was being interviewed he said that he saw himself as going to the OHL, going as far as he can, improving on the part he can and hopefully making the NHL.
Jacob Blair Prior to the NHL draft of 2005 (held in Ottawa) a 10 year old Jacob Blair (and approximately 20 other children) got to go on the ice with the top 10 ranked players for the NHL draft including; Sidney Crosby, Benoit Pouliot, Jack Johnson.  During the NHL draft Jacob was a runner for the Atlanta Thrashers.
Jacob Middleton Jacob wanted so strongly to start playing hockey at a very young age. We did all that we could to get him on the ice earlier than allowed within the Wainwright Minor Hockey Assoc. to no avail, which had Jacob at the age of 4 very upset, almost beyond consoling. Jacob would explain that it “just wasn’t fair” and that “the other kids get to play” typical words for a 4 year old but nonetheless broke our hearts. One day I received a phone call; it was the morning of registration day for Wainwright Minor hockey for the 2000 – 2001 season. I was told that they would in fact allow Jacob to register and to be at the arena for 4pm. Steve and I were so excited for Jacob that we could hardly contain ourselves and decided that together we would pick Jacob up from Kindergarden and drive him directly to the arena and surprise him with this fantastic news!First Jacob was taken back when both his father and I showed up after school, he knew something was up.

When we got to the arena he was sooo exited, he thought we were going for a family skate.

We get in the arena; Jacob sees the buzz of activity and questions what is going on. This is when we finally tell him ” you get to play hockey….we are here to register you”! We had never seen Jacob so excited! His big brown eyes became larger with tears of happiness.

We stand in the infamous registration line, waiting and waiting then it happens… were up…we hand in his birth certificate and wait and wait. The gentleman tells us that Jacob is too young; we explain that “so and so” called me this morning and that he was cleared. We are asked to wait. We wait. The gentleman comes back and tells us that unfortunately there has been a misunderstanding, the information we received that morning was false. Jacob is not eligible for registration until the 2001-2002 season.  Devastation should not be a part of any 4 years life, for any reason.

Aside from dedication, Jacob has a will and a want and a passion and a choice!

The path that Jacob has chosen has not been an easy one but it certainly has been an enjoyable and memorable one. He has encountered numerous people along this path. People who will always remain an important part of his life. Friendships and bonds that can only be acquired in this unique world of hockey. People whom he has learned to trust and people whom he has learned not to trust.

These memorable moments in time are what we can attribute to sculpting the strong, independent, reliable, and understanding man that is Jacob today.

Jonathan Duchesne It’s not easy for a defenseman to make the jump from the minor midget AAA to the OHL.  OHL players are bigger, stronger, faster and cagier than the young guns that excelled at the lower levels of the game. The 67s 2nd round draft pick might be an exception though.  Jonathan excelled in the defensive zone and jumping into the rush and was a strong two-way player who likes to makes quick passes and be part of the power play.
John Urbanic Nicknamed Johnny, his favourite player is Claude Giroux. His Mom and Dad have been his biggest influence in his hockey career as they have spent many years dedicating their time towards supporting his dreams of playing hockey.  After his hockey career is finished he sees himself as either an engineer or an accountant.  Chris Byrnes has said he skates well and plays a real hard game.  John is a second generation OHLer as his father John played for the Windsor Spitfires for four years.
Joseph Blandisi In May 2011, Joseph was presented with the Chase McEachern Memorial Award at the Vaughn Kings awards banquet.  It was awarded to one player from the organization in recognition for achieving the highest standards of academic, dedication and team play. Joseph was so, so honoured to be presented this award.  Chase McEachern was an assistant captain for the Vaughan Kings minor peewee AAA team.  He was from Barrie, Ontario and he campaigned to have it mandatory that heart defibrillators be made available at schools and hockey arenas. Unfortunately, on February 9, 2006, he collapsed at school of cardiac arrest before his vision could be implemented.  Chase died on February 15, 2006 and was only 11 years old. Shortly before his death, Chase wrote to sports legend Don Cherry asking for help in highlighting the need for this life saving equipment. Soon after his death Don Cherry dedicated time to Chase’s plight on Coach’s Corner. Through the Chase McEachern Tribute Fund, Chase’s vision has resulted in defibrillators being made available in schools, Ontario Government buildings and other locations throughout Canada.
Mark Petaccio I guess I’ll start with the 2010 OHL Cup.  In March of 2010 Mark had the game winning goal in the Historical 4th over-time against the London Junior Knights.  It took 79 minutes and 12 seconds to settle the score.  Long game but fun and exciting.  The game didn’t get over until midnight.  Then back to the hotel for chicken and pasta then up at 7 for the next game.  And the other thing would be his 1st OHL goal with Oshawa on September 24, 2010.
Matthieu Desautels In the 2004-2005 season, during the NHL lockout, Matt participated in a tournament in Atlanta, Georgia organized by Bob Hartley who was the coach of the Atlanta Thrashers at the time.  The team that Matt played on was coached by Bob Hartley.  They practiced for 3 months and the tournament was held in April 2005.  There were 4 teams in the tournament; one from Canada, one from Russia and 2 from the United States.  If I remember correctly I think they finished 3rd.In 2007-2008, during his Major pee wee season, Matt played for the Seaway Valley Rapids AA.  They won the major pee wee AA division in the Bell Capital Cup Tournament in Ottawa.  In the final game they beat a team from Russia called the Stars in overtime at Scotiabank Place.  During that tournament, in the semi-finals, Matt scored the tying goal with 3 seconds left in the third period to send the game to overtime. They also won that game in overtime against a team for the U.S.
Mike Cajkovsky AKA  – Big Beauty. In our first year Big Mike and I started out with a big bang, but over time we both decided it would be better to be friends and goods ones we are.  As Mike always says I’m a good boy – right Rhonda.Since then it has been a great time.  Mike and Petr Mrazek our other billet last year became close friends and had each other to hang out with and to speak their own language.

I still remember it like it was yesterday! They would be talking at the dining room table for a good 10 minutes and I would say “so what did you say to each other?” Always the same answer “NOTHING. A lot of talk for NOTHING”

Mike loves to eat and fortunately he is a good cook. His favourite foods,  CHICKEN, CHICKEN and more CHICKEN with rice or pasta.

Mike is a real comedian and loves to goof around. He listens and learns and has the ability to pick up new words like  – WOW  – UNBELIEVABLE  (his favourite at the moment)  -You kidding me! and just the way he expresses himself is UNBELIEVABLE .

Mike loves to dance and WOW the moves he makes, he’s better than Jagger.

Mike truly leaves a mark on everyone he meets.  His billets from Kingston still keep in touch and go to the games when Mike is in Kingston and have made trips to Ottawa to watch him play.

Don’t forget to wave – Love you guys

Mike Vlajkov When Mike was 5 every kid got a chance to play goalie. When it was Michael’s turn he was all excited. He got all the gear on and played. The problem was his team was so good that the other team didn’t get 1 shot on Mike the entire game. Thus he got a shutout and didn’t stop one puck. After the game he told his Dad that he never wanted to play goal again.  He was too bored!
Nevin Guy Nevin Guy’s North Dundas Demons peewee hockey team went a whole season undefeated.  A previous coach of his said Nevin sees the ice well, makes the first pass as well as anyone I have ever seen. He jumps into the rush and is very responsible in his own end.  Teams tried to rough him up but he has the knack of making them look foolish and he still make the pass or leads the rush up the ice.
Ryan Van Stralen Silver stick (Pembroke) Ryan scored the goal (with 2.1seconds left) that forced overtime which they won the game that sent them to silver stick in Sarnia. This was his Min Atom year playing B Rep in South Grenville, he was 10.  Notable team mates – Ryan Hanes – former Ottawa 67, Clarke Seymour – Peterborough Pete’s
Sean Callaghan The most memorable moment for Sean was getting drafted and his hard earned road trip to making the Ottawa 67s and the moment Coach Byrne said he was on the team and his name was on his stall.  In February of Sean’s minor midget draft year he was playing a play-off game and sustained an injury to his arm that the surgeon stated was like someone took a battering ram to it.  He literally skated to the bench with his hand hanging off.  After a 6 hour surgery and a 4 day hospital stay, the radius and ulna were pieced back together with a couple of metal plates and 8 screws.  Sean thought for sure he would never be drafted.  Ottawa proved him wrong and took him in the 7th round.  He had extensive physio and strengthening exercises and then went on to work out and train hard.  He went to 67s camp and didn’t  make it the first year but continued to work hard that year playing Junior D back home for the North Middlesex Stars  and when he returned in the fall of 2011 he made the team! He had a great year and went on to be invited to Calgary Flames Camp in July of 2012.
Sean Monahan As parents, it is very difficult to select only one memorable story about Sean’s hockey career thus far, but we would have to choose Sean being selected to Ottawa in the OHL draft and Sean playing for Gold with TeamThis being his NHL draft year, Cody Ceci told him a lot about what to expect.  He is ranked in the top 10 for the draft.
Sergey Kuptsov Sergey is big body winger with skill, a fast, solid all around player who can score and plays a very physical game too.  In his OHL rookie year he had 13 goals. On February 18th he had an amazing goal.  He controlled the puck in the 67s zone and then skated up the ice where he went between two Brampton players and fired a diving shot to score the goal.
Taylor Davis He tried so many sports. His uncle wanted him to try baseball, so he tried it, but he says it was just like watching paint dry, being in the dugout so long.  He tried football but didn’t really like it, so hot outside.  He liked basketball, but it came in conflict with hockey, so he picked hockey.  No one in his family has ever played hockey.  He was three years old when he saw hockey on TV and said he wanted to do that.  His most memorable moment was signing his OHL Contract.
Taylor Fielding Taylor’s most memorable moment is his first OHL goal.  He scored it in his rookie year in the last game of the regular season against the Sudbury Wolves.  It was a long time coming!  What made it more memorable was one of his best friend’s from home played for the Wolves and he was on the ice when Taylor scored! Unfortunately we were not at the game but the look on his face on our TV screen was priceless.  Nick Foglia grabbed the puck for him and we have a great keepsake.