The Ottawa 67s Booster Club is run by a group of Executive Members who volunteer their time; do not get paid for what they do and who are also big fans of the 67’s. We buy our game day tickets and pay for parking at the same price as everyone else.

The Executive is composed of Co-ordinators for the Banquets, Finances, Membership, Signs and Volunteers and the Secretary.

Listed below are a few of the things we do throughout the year:


    • The Executive gets together once a month every month, except for May. During our meetings we discuss upcoming events and plan the way forward.



    • All monies received go into a bank account
    • We have three (3) signing authorities
    • Each expense/income is tracked separately



    • We plan, co-ordinate and organize banquets, bus trips, membership drive, player events and also maintain our website.


Game Day:

    • At every game there is a minimum of three (3) Executives who work the Booster Club tables.
    • We arrive one (1) hour before the gates open to set out the game day materials
    • Five minutes before the game starts and just before the end of each intermission everything has to be put away
    • Five minutes before each intermission it is all set out again


Weekly Draws for Booster Club Members:

    • Adult and junior member names go into a hat and several names are picked. You can only win once in the year
    • If we have the correct email address one is sent out to each of the winners telling them they have won and to come pick up their certificate


Three Points in a Game and Shut Outs:

    • The stats for these are tracked and verified and monies are given to the players
    • At the end of the season the Executive gives a plaque to each player that has won money for three points in a game and shut out. The plaque has their name and the information on what they won throughout the year


Newspaper Articles:

    • Daily articles are collected and photocopied from several newspapers
    • They are mailed out to parents once a month if they aren’t able to pick them up at a game



    • We have sponsors for our 2 for 1 draws, Membership Cards and the weekly prizes
    • Executive Members go out into the community to try and get sponsors for these
    • We are always looking for game day sponsors for our membership



  • Volunteers help out the Executive on game day
  • We keep track of volunteers and create schedule
  • Look for replacements when someone can’t work