2 for $1 Tickets

The Booster Club sells these tickets at all home games. The proceeds go to the players and their dressing room.

You don’t have to be a Booster Club Member to purchase these tickets.

Tickets can be purchased at the Booster Club tables between Section 14/15.

There are three (3) great prizes:

  • Red      Ticket:         67’s Booster Club Watch
  • Green Ticket:         Chances R Restaurant
  • Blue     Ticket:        Beneci Pizzeria

NOTE: We only hold on to prizes for 30 days.


Red Ticket           050652      Nov 03, 2017

                                  872572         Dec 10, 2017    

Green ticket        592109      Oct 20, 2017 

                                   593950      Nov 10, 2017                                 

Blue ticket                 



This is one of the great prizes you can win: