One of the ways that the Booster Club helps bridge the gap between the fans and the Ottawa 67s Players is by holding two banquets each season. The dates for the banquets depend on the game schedule of course; but the Christmas Banquet is usually the first Monday in December and the Awards Banquet is normally the first Monday in March.

The banquets are held in the RA Centre Clark Hall at 2451 Riverside Drive in Ottawa. There is lots of free parking.

As a player sits at each table, fans get to chat, take pictures and get autographs. The Emcee gets each player to pick a number (sight unseen) and the number they pick is the table where they will sit.

Each banquet consists of a delicious buffet supper and then the special event for the evening. The banquet normally starts with the door to the Clark Hall opening at 5:30, followed by supper around 6:30. The banquet usually lasts until about 8:00.

Fans buy tickets to attend the banquets. If you are a Booster Club Member you pay less than non-members and tickets are sold to you before them.

Details for each banquet, once known, will be on our Home Page.